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Provocative Gel, or "Gel Provocation", is a lubricant based on natural ingredients and is designed to improve the quality of intimate life.

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Provocative Gel - A pleasure that does not end!!!

Almost every pair faces small, but still unpleasant difficulties in intimate life. Lack of satisfaction, pain and so on - all this can be avoided by regularly using the drug Provocative Gel. Despite the English-speaking name, this is a product of domestic production, which has already proved itself. Provocative Gel, or "Gel Provocation", is a lubricant based on natural ingredients and is designed to improve the quality of intimate life.

What is a lubricant?

Of course, it was not necessary to deal with this term in everyday conversation, since it is more often replaced with a simpler one - "grease". However, "grease" is an overly ambiguous term, so it's more appropriate to say "lubricant" or "intimate gel" when it comes to a product intended for moistening the genitals.

The use of lubricants is absolutely safe and even useful for a good intimate life, which is confirmed by specialists in the field of sexology. Therefore, it is not necessary to feel ashamed that it is impossible to cope with our own forces. The use of intimate gels and other stimulants is absolutely normal for most modern couples.

How does the gel work

Unfortunately, in many pairs, both partners can not reach the desired level of excitation at the same time, and more often than not, the woman needs more time for preliminary caresses. On how much the partner is ready for intercourse, the success of the whole "enterprise" often depends, because the more intimate places are moistened, the more pleasant and lasting will be sex. However, even in long-term relationships, lovers rarely manage to find the right approach and make joint intimate life better (which can lead to a breakdown of family relationships, stress and other diseases).

Provocative Gel will be the perfect solution to such a delicate problem.

The main useful properties of the "Gel of provocation" is the qualitative improvement of sexual life due to the prevention of pain and increased excitability of partners. This drug, primarily designed for women, because it should be applied to the female genitalia, although for men the use of this lubricant will bring a lot of pleasant sensations.

The Int-gel Provocative Gel allows:

  • Accelerate the excitability of the partner due to the good moisturizing of the genitals;
  • Eliminate pain caused by dryness in the intimate area;
  • To increase sensitivity during sex for both partners due to the active components included in its composition;
  • Faster to reach orgasm for a woman that will make sex ideal for both her and her men.


The intimate gel Provocative Gel is characterized by a high concentration of components of natural origin, and therefore absolutely safe and has no contraindications.

The base component is a synthetic wax, which contributes to the gentle moistening of the intimate zone and replenishes the lack of natural moisture. In order for the wax to be more liquid, the intimate-gel must necessarily contain water. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve a texture that is close to a natural intimate lubricant.

Glycerin is also an obligatory component of lubricants, its main task is skin care in particularly sensitive places. Glycerin in combination with other softening components Provocative Gel allows the skin to remain smooth and tender.

As a pleasant bonus, "Gel Provocation" contains substances that excite the receptors of the sexual organs: caffeine and menthol. Due to mildly stimulating the mucous membranes, intimate organs become more sensitive to touch. This, in turn, will make sex more vivid and qualitative.

In addition, the structure of Provocative Gel includes active enzymes that have antibacterial properties and provide reliable protection against infections.

A special feature of the composition of this lubricant is a carefully thought-out combination of hormones that allow a woman to "keep up" with a partner, if he reaches orgasm much more quickly, and in general feel much more confident and relaxed. Provocative Gel contains the following types of hormones.

- Serotonin will give a sense of joy and full pleasure from sexual intercourse. Thanks to a pleasant soothing effect, this hormone will allow for a while to relax and forget about troubling thoughts.

Oxytocin can make sex more tender, as it enhances the sense of attachment to a partner. Simultaneously, oxytocin provokes contraction of the uterus, which guarantees a bright orgasm.

Dopamine helps to focus on sensations, without being distracted by insignificant irritants, to make sex even more intense.

And finally, the hormone of pleasure and pleasure, endorphin, itself developed in the process of sexual intercourse in the human body, is also contained in the Provocative Gel to enhance the sense of satisfaction.

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Provocative Gel, or "Gel Provocation", is a lubricant based on natural ingredients and is designed to improve the quality of intimate life.

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